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The Motel Trees is a vintage 1950s motel with 23 renovated rooms. The Motel is in the shape of a capital "M" as the original owner's last name was Morris. The motel has greeted many visitors over the long history of our area. In 1964 when this area was hit with a 1,000-year flood, the motel opened its doors to the community. Classes from the local school were held in the rooms while clean up happened from the devastation. The property was the site of a gas station built by the original owner of  Wonderland Park: Trees of Mystery, Carl Bruno. Bruno completed  a  fountain in front of the station in 1933. The fountain has remained after all these decades, still flowing and greeting guests. Over the years the Motel Trees has remained dedicated to redwood-sized hospitality and providing a wonderful experience to all our guests.   

Motel Trees

“So happy I finally came! Bucket list item checked! will plan another trip to your motel.”

“The service is excellent. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating.”

“Great room-great value! Very clean and modern...will come again!”

What People are saying

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